Top 7 – Achievements of CPC


The main driving force of China’s social and economic miracles and political progress, The Communist Party of China (CPC) has completed its 100 years journey this year.

For its unique and distinguished approach towards any situation, this party has created huge opportunities for Chinese citizens.

CPC’s eventual victory against the Kuomintang party led to establishing the great Republic of China in 1949.

 Here we will provide you top 7 Achievements of CPC during these years.

 No 1: 

CPC is the main driving force of China’s rapid economic process and rise as a worldwide power, despite facing challenges reception and abroad amid such challenges as economic inequality and also the coronavirus pandemic.

No 2:

The CPC’s decision-making is predicated on democratic centralism. It not only succeeded in feeding 1.4 billion Chinese people but also has improved their living standards. It’s a force behind China’s social, economic, and political power that deserves respect instead of ridicule.

No 3:

The Party unites and leads the Chinese people in freeing the mind and forging ahead, achieving great success in reform, opening up, and socialist modernization. CPC’s steps against anti-corruption supervisions also help China to grow as a corruption-free country.


No 4:

The BRI principles of consultation and cooperation for shared benefits, and its aim for open, green, and clean cooperation and development, showcase the CPC’s vision for better lives for all of the world’s people.

No 5:

World’s largest poverty relief campaign is handled by CPC’s people-centered policy which is also called the best guide to reduce poverty. China is also fighting to eliminate extreme poverty by this year and CPC is in the frontline of the operation.

No 6:

The country’s success in containing COVID-19 in an exceedingly comparatively short period has again proved it puts life first and prioritizes people’s interests, which has also won greater support for the Party, contrary to some Western critics’ expectations.


No 7:

Finally the concept of ‘global community with a shared future for mankind’ is developed by CPC. This concept embraces the common values of peace and development, fairness and justice, democracy, and freedo