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Thursday Thrills: Unmissable events of this week!

This week, our editor Nicole brings you some of the top unmissable events happening around you! Grab the tickets before they run out!

Shelter Me Beats for Beds

17 Dec

Taking place as part of a new global music festival over the month of December in aid of raising funds for homeless charity Beats for Beds, hosting in Australia, Canada, the US and other European countries.  The first fund raiser night is kicking off at The Carlton Club, Manchester and includes a collaboration in the way of ScruffDug with Macclesfileds Mr Scruff b2b NTS resident Ruf Dug. Joining them is Julie Wills, Peze, and The Rev JP

Beats for Beds founder, Edward Tomlinson says, “As a society we should make sure we look after the most unfortunate.  It’s wrong to have billionaires blasting into space for kicks yet there are an estimated 150 million people without a home globally.   DJs are kindly gifting their time for this amazing cause and the entry price is donated to the charity.  What’s more each event will be livestreamed across Mixcloud

For more info @beatsforbeds www.facebook.com/beatsforbeds

The Ultimate Garage Festival

17 Dec

For those that love a banging non stop dance party? Then Lab11 is your clubbing choice of destination for a top Friday night on the town. Showcasing the best DJ talent belting out tunes under the Digbeth arches.  It is the perfect place in the Midlands to get your Friday night off with a bang getting you warmed up for a weekend of clubbing.  You can expect an up-for-it Brummie crowd of happy clubbers at this venue.  Birmingham! Get ready or the biggest garage anthem festival vibes. Friday is going to go up another lever when a host of finest Garage DJs, take over the realm of Lab11 in true garage music festival style that you could wish! 

For more info and tickets wwwlab11.co.uk

ISO Depto Unlocked

18 Dec

There is no such thing as a black Friday as in the sense of ‘dark and moody’ happening at WHP, Depot, in Manchester.  DJ sovereign Micheal Bibi, arrives at the Depot this Saturday for his one and only Depot gig.  Bringing his DJing A-game to the heart of Manchester for one special clubbing night experience.  Manchester it has to be said you’re in for a right treat tonight. Bibi is no longer under the dance music radar.  Music is in his blood, he is gaining a big following UK and Europe bound, and has something very special to offer with his mammoth production of the sexy bad ass tracks he’s written and produced over the last few years.  Tonight includes special guest DJ royalty, USA Seth Troxler treating the clubbers to a night of the finest hottest house and techno tracks. Again WHP Man is hosting another great night in Manchester.

For more info www.depotmayfield.com

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