Beauty Spaces for Black Women

Paris McKenzie, Ryan Baker, Ciara Imani are the three examples of our society who are the game changers and beauty bosses creating more safe spaces for other Black women. From nail salons to beauty supply stores These Young Entrepreneurs are taking ownership. They are also looking to change the typical thinking by owning their own shops and brands.

Ryan Baker, Owner of The Nail Doctor & Co. Sal

She started her work at the age of 16 without her mom’s permission. Because her mom was against her choice So she started learning it by herself on YouTube. She was inspired when she saw her aunt done long hair, shiny red, acrylic nails she fall in love with it. She thinks a lot of people get into the nail industry because they hear about how much money they could make. But for her, it’s a real passion she never cared about money. She wants a luxury salon to catch all people’s minds with her work. She wants to continue her work in a big way that everybody can do nail art like celebrities.

Ciara Imani May, 24, Founder of Rebundle

We all know about black people’s hair pattern they have to braid their hair because of high thickness and heaviness. So, Ciara also did her hair when she was in class 8. She the whole experience being uncomfortable and painful which made him more motivated to something on it. Later, she suffered from scalp irritation many times before with plastic hair and she was looking for something healthy and sustainable and she got to know about the chemicals. She studied lots of time for learning for the perfect product. And she doesn’t want her clients to give a bad experience. Because as a black women hair braid is the most essential outlook for most of them. And she felt proud to give this service to the people.

Paris McKenzie, 17, Owner of Paris Beauty Supplyz

This 16-Year-Old Is Now The Youngest Black Owner Of A Beauty Supply Store

For her the story was different than Rayn’s, Paris’ mom was a beautician. She taught Paris everything. In her childhood, she spent most of the time over there. From her childhood, she did this work for her community. She ran a new store which is by herself. it was so hard for her to find products and a beauty supply store. Now she has so many customers coming in and finally finding products that work for them. She always tried to collect the best materials for them did the color by myself with good chemicals. She always loves having Black-owned beauty products in the store.


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