The Solace Dream Appeal

The Solace Dream Appeal
The Solace Dream Appeal

We are proud to announce The Solace Dream Appeal for Children

We are appealing to all the kind and caring What’s On readers to fundraise for children who have lived with abuse and give to our Solace Children’s Dream Appeal. So many children lose hope and confidence when living with domestic abuse, and we want to remind them that their dreams can still come true. With What’s On, whose wonderful staff are backing the appeal, we want to bring some much-needed happiness and support to those children dealing with the pandemic on top of abuse.

For the children that Solace supports lockdown has meant being stuck in a home where domestic abuse is taking place, leaving them frightened and alone.  Some children have had to flee their homes quickly, leaving behind their friends, family, toys, and even their pets. Many of those children are now living in emergency, temporary accommodation.

They are safe but they need so much to reach their dreams. Most arrived with absolutely nothing and need clothes, toys, books, and specialist help to be able to talk about what happened to them. Solace’s Specialist Play Therapists help them to talk about their feelings and develop essential emotional strategies to grow up safe and free.  These children need all the help we can offer to unravel their feelings and stop the nightmares.

Domestic abuse doesn’t just affect a child while they are in the abusive home but can cause lifetime effects. More than half feel they are to blame for the abuse they witnessed and go on to develop other destructive behaviors that affect their future relationships.

Hayden was struggling at school and couldn’t make friends after he and his mum fled his abusive father. He was acting out and being disruptive because he was so scared and confused about everything that was going on. At Solace our Family Support Worker helped by doing one-to-one sessions where he could speak about everything and started doing play sessions with him and the other children in our refuges. Hayden started to talk about how he was feeling and understanding how to cope with his fear and anger. Hayden is now doing much better in school and is making new friends. His nightmares have ended.

Solace’s help now can make sure children like Hayden recover and move forwards with the rest of their lives. Donate just £10 to help pay for some play for children like Hayden, which helps them overcome their nightmares and realize their dreams.

Your support could help them get their childhoods back to help them breathe easy and feel able to dream again.  

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