Taylor Lautner Won’t Be Returning as Sharkboy

Taylor Lautner Won’t Be Returning as Sharkboy
Taylor Lautner Won’t Be Returning as Sharkboy

While Lavagirl is coming back as an adult in a new Netflix film “We Can Be Heroes”, at the same time a new Sharkboy is in town. Puza Snigdha reports.

Taylor Lautner who played Sharkboy in 2005, the family adventure movie The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl, is being replaced by new actor JJ Dashnaw.

On Nov. 18, Netflix revealed a poster for the upcoming movie which sees the return of the original Lavagirl Taylor Dooley.

Shortly after the poster came out Lautner’s name began trending on social media.

Netflix’s twitter account also shared some screengrabs which shows Taylor Dooley as Lavagirl and an adult Sharkboy who is wearing a mask, doesn’t look like Taylor Lautner.

Fans are not happy at all with this new Sharkboy and they are surprised that why even Lautner is being impostered.

The movie “We Can Be Heroes” is directed, produced, and written by Robert Rodriguez and is set to release in January, 2021.

In the movie, the Sharkboy and Lavagirl will have a child together whose name is Guppy and the role will be played by Vivien Lyra Blair, who was Girl in Bird Box. Taylor Dooley is back with her Lavagirl pink suit and bright pink hair but Sharkboy has got a new suit with a fin mask over his head.

Fans are saying that the new mask is to hide the new face of Sharkboy. According to the fans, with the new Sharkboy the movie can never be compared with the original one.

However, why Lautner did not return to the franchise is unclear.