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Royal Vauxhall Tavern

During the lockdown, many venues have struggled to raise vital funds as they keep their doors closed in line with the current UK restrictions. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London’s oldest LGBTQ+ bar, now needs help in order to ensure that it can continue once the coronavirus pandemic is over. Tara Pilkington shows you how you can help.

The RVT, London’s oldest surviving LGBT+ venue where Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana once visited, is a family now crowdfunding for its survival. Throughout lockdown, the venue has worked hard to keep the venue alive via social media and virtual performances from many of their popular performers, DJs and promoters.

As they do not meet the criteria set by the Government for the £25,000 grant that some smaller venues are eligible for, they critically need help to ensure the future survival of their iconic venue.

As the government discusses the future of the industry, it is likely that when RVT are able to open that they will have to do so with severe restrictions on numbers, which means that their income will be greatly reduced going forward even once the lockdown is restricted.

They have therefore set up a Go Fund Me page so that people who want to and are able to make a contribution, can do so. All monies donated will be put towards our high operating costs and the fabric upkeep of the building so that in the future they can continue to provide a truly diverse platform and range of LGBTQ+ events.

James Lindsay, RVT CEO/Managing Director has said:  “The team here are determined to make sure that The RVT continues to be a safe space for every member of the LGBTQ+ community and a place that supports talent of every kind regardless of gender, race, ability, or age.”

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