Sunday Social: 5 Ways To Teach Equality

5 Ways To Teach Equality
5 Ways To Teach Equality

Equality is the key to a coherent society. Equality works magically in people’s life. If someone thinks equally then he can be a wise person and he is will be wise for society as well. Equality is achieved when people are treated the same, no matter how they look or where they come from. The practice of thinking equally should start at the early stage of human life.

Here are 5 ways to teach equality-

  1. Respect elders– Everyone should respect their elders whoever the elders are. They can be our maid, driver, or even the shopkeepers, we should respect them. In this way, the children will learn to give equal respect to all.
  1. Be same for boys and girls– Try to give the same right to both the boy and the girl. Most of the time parents tend to praise and criticize boys and girls differently. Praising and criticizing should be the same for the boy and the girl. Boys and girls should get the same opportunity from all perspectives.
  1. Involve everyone in household work– Distribute the household work equally so that the child can learn equality at work also. The child learns that all work is equally divided among both genders. Parents need to become role models for their kids.
  1. Do not differentiate between girl and boy– We often hear, “Boys will be boys and girls will be girls”. Break this myth. Make the girls understand that even a girl can do tough works like boys. Make the boys understand that they can also cry like the girls do if they are hurt or household works are not only for the girls. Teach the boys to help and to support the girls.
  2. Use Neutral Language– Try to behave neutral and speak neutrally with everyone including the maid, children. Sometimes we speak harshly to the maid and children notice that. As a result, children learn to judge between hierarchy and lowerchy. So try to speak nicely to everyone.