Sunday Social: 10 ways to LIVE with COVID

Sunday Social: 10 ways to LIVE with COVID
Sunday Social: 10 ways to LIVE with COVID

Almost a year abode with pandemic and the virus is showing no signs of going away. In the absence of a vaccine, it seems that we must learn to live with COVID-19. What will that actually look like?

  1. Greetings: Every greeting had a form of physical contact during the Pre- Coronavirus days. During the pandemic, people have switched to innovative ways to greet without physical contact.
  • Work from Home: The pandemic has shown the world that more people can work from home. One simply needs a good device and internet connection.
  • Study from Home: It has also shown us that it is possible to teach pupils from remote areas. This breaks the geographical boundaries which once limited education.
  • Personal Hygiene: The new virus has surely improved everyone’s personal hygiene. Carrying sanitizers at all times will be essential.
  • Get-togethers: Covid-19 has reshaped how we interact socially. Hanging around at bars has turned into Zoom calls. Going to theatres have turned into Netflix watch parties.
  • Reduce Expenditure: Pandemic has also taught us to spend wisely. The crisis has taught us to live with the essentials and reduce spending on luxury consumer goods.
  • Food and Cooking: The days of grabbing a coffee from cafes and dining out are over.  Everyone has become chefs in their own homes. This also helps people reduce their food expenses.
  • Learning new Skills: If one can take any silver lining out of the Pandemic, it is this that we have taken a pause to work towards self-development and learn new skill sets.
  • Leisure Time: People have adopted new forms of entertainment. Online streaming portals have been flourishing. Music gigs, exhibitions, and events can all be enjoyed from home.
  1. Masks: Wearing a mask is mandatory when we step outside. Masks have replaced our accessories and are likely to do so for the coming years.

It seems that COVID-9 will be a fact of life for some time to come and we need learn to live with it.