Donald Trump’s monumental sulk

Donald Trumps monumental sulk
Donald Trumps monumental sulk

Donald Trump faces immense pressure from his fellow Republicans to drop the fight in overturning the election results. Anika Khan reports.

  • On Sunday, Republicans have requested Donald Trump to drop his fight to overturn the election results. On the other hand, the clear President-elect, Joe Biden has started naming his cabinets.
  • Republican leaders have so far stood beside Trump with his baseless claims that there has been nationwide voter fraud. His former national security advisers, along with a few prominent figures have however remained silent regarding this matter.
  • Trump’s national security advisor, John Bolton is worried about how much chaos Trump can potentially create before the inauguration of Joe Biden in January.
  • John Bolton has also revealed that Trump has so far lost all the lawsuits that he has filed in various states. Bolton said, “He is the political equivalent of a street rioter”.
  • Former administration and national security advisor, HR McMaster have also warned about Trump’s corrosive efforts and that his accusations have done nothing but sown doubt among the electorate.
  • On Friday, Trump met the Republic leaders in Michigan and tried to pursue them in battleground states to declare Trump as the winner putting aside the will of the people.
  • A Republican US district court judge in Pennsylvania has rejected the Trump campaign’s request to disenfranchise 7 million voters in the state.  This came after similarly failed court bids in Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia.

Joe Biden has won the Presidential election by over 6 more million votes than Trump. It his high time Trump concedes with the real facts.