South Asian Transgender Models

Transgenders have been the most neglected and isolated class in South Asian society. They are discriminated against based on their sexuality and sexual interests and often mocked and left to lead a tough life of guilt and shame. Often forced into the sex trade they are ill-treated and abused.

Here are the top South Asian transgender models who have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. After going through much shame and tussle in their personal lives; but their passion for fashion made them cross all odds and reach the pinnacle of success.

Anjali Lama

Anjali Lama burst onto India’s fashion scene in 2017, when the transgender model from Nepal walked for Lakmé Fashion Week. Now, her latest campaign with Calvin Klein, and on breaking norms in the fashion industry. She works with the transgender community and got many queries and also counsels them to where they might find helpful.

Amelia Maltepe

Born to a Muslim family in Bangladesh, Amelia Maltepe has gone on to spend nearly $10500 on breast implants and $2600 on laser hair removal the day she felt that she was trapped in the wrong body. She was raised as Adesh, and now that she has finally transformed herself, she is focussing on the bigger events, tougher competition as she has her eyes set for the coveted Miss World crown!

Naaz Joshi

Naaz Joshi is India’s first transgender international beauty queen, a trans rights activist, and a motivational speaker. Joshi won the Miss World Diversity beauty pageant three times in a row. She is India’s first transgender cover model. She is the world’s first trans woman to win an international beauty pageant with cisgender women. Naaz is India’s first transgender show stopper.[6] She is India’s first transgender model.