SHINee’s Latest Album Connects Past & Present

SHINee’s latest album connects their past and present
SHINee’s latest album connects their past and present

Shinee is back with the new album  ‘Don’t Call Me’, which is a bridge connecting their past and present, recalls earlier releases. Rehnuma reports.

“SHINee’s back”, the princes of K-Pop, who debuted 13 years ago, are considered legends for being one of the longest-running groups in the industry. They have recently returned to the K-Pop landscape with their seventh studio album, Don’t Call Me, creating a rattle among their fans collectively known as Shawols.

After the end of their three-year hiatus due to South Korea’s mandatory military service, this long-awaited comeback brought all the members together for the first time.

In their latest seventh full studio album, many of the songs recall earlier releases, and some are sequels to older songs, while other tracks show the group’s attempt to create something new. The members expressed that the reasons for choosing “Don’t Call Me” for the title track are the need to show their style while expressing that they are back.

“We felt that this was the perfect track because it also showcases our performance. That was something we really wanted to do. SHINee is a group that always tries something new”, said Minho in an interview.

He also added that “there is no overall theme connecting the music of “Don’t Call Me” as an album where they tried including the music that felt right to them.” Some of the songs have the essential Shinee songs vibe, while some fit today’s genres and music trends.

It’s not an easy task to stay among the forerunners in a fast-paced industry like K-Pop for even after a decade – but it’s SHINee’s resolve to move past the conventional while creating their own style, along with their strong relationship with their fans which helped them to stay dominant over time. They have shown their ability to break free from the predictable stereotype of K-Pop from their debut.

The title track, a hard-hitting dance song, displays complex emotions after a love betrayal. The charismatic music video focuses on the subtle choreography completed with numerous background dancers. The choreography for “Don’t Call Me” is a fusion of hip-hop and contemporary style, proving SHINee’s capability of making a statement even today.