Sexual Assault Allegation Against President Oscar Arias

Costa Rica former President Oscar Arias who is noble peace prize owner has been accused of sexual assault by a nuclear disarmament activist that Arias denied.
The accuser psychiatrist and anti-nuclear activist Dr. Alexandra Arce von Herold file the complaint on Monday, after a three hours discussion with the federal prosecutors, according to the New York Times report.
Herold’s claim says that, she has been assaulted by Arias in 2014 at his home while he was there to discuss an important upcoming event in Vienna. In her report she clearly mentions that Arias touched her private parts inappropriately.
“He grabbed me from behind and touched my breasts. I said no and that he was married. That was my no. It was the only thing that occurred to tell him. I had met the wife.”
“I really didn’t know what to do and thought this was the only line of defense that I could have. And when he didn’t react to that I didn’t know what to say, because I was scared that if I rejected him, he would no longer collaborate with us,” said Hernold in an interview.
Denying the accusation, Arias said that he has never done anything against the will of any woman, moreover he has fought for gender equality during his career.
“I deny categorically the accusations made against me, I have never acted in a way that disrespected the will of any woman,” said Arias.
Hernold has taken the stand inspired by the #MeToo movement to speak out against the powerful figure and seeing other women make accusations against powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, she says to the reporters.
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