Review: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 “Winterfell”

Game of Thrones is back in game with its final season, aired on 14th April and as expected, episode 1 set the table for the Battle at Winterfell. Lets give it a tour to the first episode which will set the long night battle with Night King and Seven Kingdom.

Sunday night’s episode of Game Of Thrones is the first we’ve seen of this show in almost two years. Much of this episode was about reunions, both joyful and awkward. Tyrion and see each other again for the first time since Joffrey’s wedding and assassination. It’s a nice moment, briefly, until Sansa scoffs at Tyrion’s naive belief that his sister will do the right thing.

Jon is home and he brought his girlfriend, who happens to have a huge army and two dragons where he was naive thinking that Sansa and the rest of Winterfell would support his decision to bend the knee to Queen Daenerys Targaryen. As Lyanna Mormont mentioned, the people of the North elected Jon to be King, not Daenerys. Daenerys will have to prove her worth in order for the northerners to accept her.

Another most awaited reunion between Arya and Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen was screened and portrayed with heart touching emotions.

On the king’s landing, Queen Cersie is disappointed not getting the elephats from Golden Company, the Grayjoy family, but ended by going to bed with Euron Grayjoy.

Back in the North, all is not roses and sunshine. Jon Snow has returned, but not as King in the North. He bent the knee to, and many in the North feel betrayed.

The episode ends with setting up another most awaited reunion if Bendon Strak and Jaime Lannister who will meet at Winterfell. Apart from this, the message of Night King being on North is also be confirmed.

Talking about tying things up, almost all major reunions are addressed in the first episode itself. Sadly, most seem rushed and the ones that were supposed to make you cry tears of joy, get a silent huff at best. The most anticipated of them all, Jon Snow and Arya Stark’s first embrace was also the most disappointing.

Sansa has evolved so much as a character. In the earlier seasons, Sansa desired to be married to a king and live a life of royalty. Now, she’s a powerful, independent leader who is about to go toe-to-toe with the Mother of Dragons.

Overall it was a somewhat soapy but generally very satisfying setup for the final run of “Game of Thrones,” as the sides coalesced for the wars to come. Jon and Dany’s coalition of the living currently includes nearly everyone not named or sleeping with Cersei.

> Shatabdi Sarker Poushi