Review: A night with Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox
Ari Lennox

By Christina Okpala
I was fortunate enough to witness Ari Lennox grace the Electric Ballroom in Camden with her effortlessly sexy and sultry moves and gracious voice. She connected with her audience amazingly, often asking questions in between songs from her album ‘Shea Butter Baby’.
Ari spoke on the maltreatment of black women in today’s society urging people to care for them – she did not shy away from speaking on the importance of black love in this generation, caring for our Afro hair and loving one another, she’s extremely empowering to say the least. Ari was even genuine enough to share the stage with a young boy from the audience who helped her sing her single ‘Up Late’.
The backdrop to her performances was also impressive – Ari had different wigs set up in the back, from afros to long straight wigs. It was such a beautiful aesthetic.
The only downfall for Ari’s London show was the venue – I felt it was awkwardly small. The pillars that held the balconies were hindering our view to the stage. A couple beside me were literally stood on a chair leaning on the bar so they could get a good view which when I tried, you had to engage major core muscles.
Although I couldn’t maintain a good view of Ari throughout the show, her vocals made up for everything. She sounds exactly like the recording, if not better. I wish her the best in her career and hope to see her again one day.