PM Hasina proposes free Covid Vaccine for all

PM Hasina proposes free Vaccine for all
PM Hasina proposes free Vaccine for all

The government of Bangladesh has decided to make the Covid vaccines available for all; free of cost once they are procured. Anika Khan reports.

The decision came after a government meeting where the finance ministry officials proposed to purchase the Covid vaccines once they are out in the market.

The finance minister of Bangladesh has sought $2 billion from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The fund will be used to purchase, transport, store, and administer the Covid- vaccines once they arrive.

An estimation of this amount is needed to cover a population of 165 million people with vaccination. The procured vaccines will be administered to the people under the existing vaccination programme to prevent diseases like Polio and measles.

Furthermore, the Bangladesh government has also allocated BDT12,000 crore from this year’s budget for medical supplies and Covid emergency responses.

World Health Organization has said that a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus is expected to be ready for registration by the end of this year or early next year.

Prime Minister Hasina asked the World community to treat the Covid vaccine as a global public good and urged the UN to ensure that all the countries can avail of them at the same time.