PHOTOFAIRS New York to Explore the Future of Photography and Image-Making

PHOTOFAIRS New York Unveils Innovative Contemporary Art Fair Celebrating Image-Making and Photography

New York, NY — July 27, 2023 — The much-anticipated PHOTOFAIRS New York, a groundbreaking contemporary art fair dedicated to photo-based and digital artworks, is set to make its debut at the prestigious Javits Center from September 8 to 10, 2023, with a VIP Preview on September 7. Organized by Creo and its majority shareholder Angus Montgomery Arts, in collaboration with Candlestar, the fair promises to be a trailblazer in the global art fair scene.

PHOTOFAIRS New York is a trailblazing contemporary art fair that explores the evolution of image-making and photography, focusing on future frontiers. The fair features diverse and innovative works from exhibitors, in-depth showcases of renowned photographers, and engaging special projects. Immersive installations and artist spotlights enhance the experience, while dynamic conversations with thought leaders contribute to the event’s significance. Overall, PHOTOFAIRS New York promises to be an exciting platform, leaving a lasting impact on the global art scene. Its inaugural edition is highly anticipated and is set to become a must-attend event on New York’s arts calendar, alongside The Armory Show.

Exhibitor Highlights:

PHOTOFAIRS New York’s first edition boasts a carefully curated selection of exhibitors from over 20 cities worldwide. Moreover, the fair will showcase renowned photography dealers, as well as interdisciplinary contemporary art galleries and organizations at the forefront of emerging technologies. With more than a third of the fair dedicated to solo presentations, visitors will have the opportunity to discover emerging image-makers and delve into in-depth showcases of acclaimed photographers.

Some of the highlights from the solo presentations include:

  • HESSE FLATOW presents Adama Delphine Fawundu, delving into themes of ancestral memory. Moreover, the exhibition showcases a captivating perspective on heritage.
  • Nil Gallery’s display of Caleb Kwarteng Prah’s works, blending street photography and archives to depict contemporary Ghana.
  • Katsu Naito’s Once in Harlem series exhibited at The Fridge, featuring captivating portraits.
  • Praise Shadows Gallery’s presentation of Nicole Wilson’s project Ötzi, a fascinating fusion of ancient and contemporary tattoo practices.
  • Elliot & Erick Jiménez’s showcase of works personifying deities and saints in Yoruba and Catholic syncretism, presented by Spinello Projects.
  • Moreover, Maleonn’s captivating photographs and installations are showcased at Shun Art Gallery.
  • Momentum’s presentation of cinematic landscapes from Ole Marius Joergensen’s latest series.
PHOTOFAIRS New York to Explore the Future of Photography and Image-Making 3

Captivating works emerge as solo and dual presentations explore photography’s craft and materiality this year. Some of these highlights include:

  • Elijah Wheat’s solo presentation of Rhiannon Adam’s new series Composites, featuring large-scale Polaroid emulsion lifts on watercolor paper.
  • Delphine Diallo unveils “Golden Age” at Fisheye Gallery, blending portraiture and collage to revive African cult objects.
  • Luis De Jesus LA exhibits Chris Engman’s innovative work, blending drawing, painting, and photography for the first time.
  • Robert Mann Gallery presents artists blending photography with historical fiber techniques, like Cig Harvey and Ana Teresa Barboza.
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Innovative Digital Projects:

The fair also embraces new digital projects, allowing exhibitors to engage audiences virtually. Some noteworthy highlights include:

  • The Path, an exhibition by Postmasters Gallery, showcases a variety of works. These include photographs, video by Kenny Dunkan, Damjanski’s AI-assisted app, and photographic works accompanied by a sculpture from Jennifer and Kevin McCoy created through an algorithm.
  • bitforms’ group exhibition features artists exploring identity, representation, and the environment using new technologies.
  • TRANSFER’s showcase of Huntrezz Janos’ face filters, offering a captivating exploration of self through augmented reality.

Special Projects and Programming:

PHOTOFAIRS New York goes beyond booth presentations with an exciting array of special projects from the fair’s programming partners. These projects include:

  • A special installation of recent portraits by Cara Romero at Fotografiska, delving into ideas of Indigeneity and Futurism.
  • Artwork from select For Freedoms Fellows focusing on photography, exploring various themes and concepts.
  • Jamaica Art Society’s exhibition, curated by Tiana Webb Evans, explores tension between knowledge, memory, and history in video works.
  • Center of Photography at Woodstock’s showcase of Tommy Kha, the recipient of their 2023 Emerging Artist Award.
  • Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York presenting modern prometheus III by Emma Safir, an alumnus of their Guest Curatorial Program.

Engaging Installations and Artist Spotlights:

The fair space will come alive with a series of artist spotlights and installations, offering immersive experiences. Some of the highlights include:

  • Daniel Rozin’s RGB Lights Mirror, presented by bitforms, manipulates knobs and lights to respond to the viewer’s perspective.
  • Robert Mann Gallery’s presentation of Sayler/Morris’ Eclipse, a site-specific animation and soundscape commemorating the lost species of the passenger pigeon.
  • Throned, a mobile photo-installation by Tiffany Smith presented by TERN Gallery, providing a meditative setting for participants to have their portraits taken.
  • Jackson Fine Art’s showcase, The Mind-Baby Problem, presenting Tabitha Soren’s intimate exploration of the bond between mother and newborn through sculpture.
  • Rolf Art Gallery’s presentation of Andrés Denegri’s Uprising, a large-scale installation merging photochemical images, filmstrips, and projectors to resemble a kinetic machine.

Engaging Conversations and Thought Leaders:

PHOTOFAIRS New York hosts dynamic conversations with thought leaders, engaging in discussions about photography and image-making topics throughout the weekend. With programming partners such as 21c Museum Hotels, Aperture, Artwrld, Baxter St, Center for Photography, The Cultivist, Dear Dave, Fotografiska, Gagosian Quarterly, International Center of Photography, Jamaica Art Society, and Printed Matter, attendees can look forward to an enriching experience.
Stay tuned for the complete schedule of talks and participants, as it will be announced in the coming weeks.

PHOTOFAIRS New York offers an exciting and diverse platform for photography, image-making, and global art impact. Don’t miss this captivating event at the Javits Center from September 8 to 10, 2023.

[Image 1: An art installation featuring colorful digital artworks displayed on large screens]
[Image 2: A close-up shot of a photograph capturing a powerful portrait, showcased at the fair]
[Image 3: Visitors engrossed in exploring a mesmerizing large-scale photography installation]
[Image 4: Artists engaged in a lively discussion during one of the fair’s dynamic conversation series]
[Image 5: The fair’s vibrant entrance, with attendees eagerly awaiting the VIP Preview on September 7]

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