Pangthumai Waterfall

Pangthumai waterfall is a tourist hub locatd in Sylhet which is 400km away from Dhaka. Panthumai, also written as Pang Thu Mai.The waterfall is splendid.
Panthumai is a village from West Jaflong Union under Guainghat Upazilla which is very near to the east Khasia hill of the Meghalaya ranges, boasts of an eye-catching fall popularly known as Borhill Fall.Flowing from the Borhill Fall is a branch of the river Piyain that heads west and leads to Bisnakandi, another major tourist spot. The clouds and the falls playing hide and seek are sure to fill one with awe. The best possible time to visit Pangthumai is between April and mid-October.
Microbus can be hired for 5500 – 7500 BDT. Buses are also available and it cost 400- 1100 BDT. Hanif Enterprise, Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd etc bus services from Shamoly, Rajarbag, Saidabad etc. By bus it will take 6- 7 hours. Train and airplane service are also available. Accomodation system is good. Hotels, lounge, cottages are available.Tourists of all types, from those who like a quiet place to sit and relax and enjoy the scenario to those who like to roam around, for all of them Panthumai has in store a package of genuine and wonderful experience.
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