Olaf Scholz claims victory over conservatives to back down

After being defeated in the federal election of Germany Angela Merkel’s CDU is being edged by the center-left claiming their tenor victory over hers.

  • Post-war results show the worst situation against CDU. The defeated chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) finished in second place with a projected 196 seats compared with 206 for the SPD, according to preliminary results.
  • Little after the election exit polls started showing a slightly clearer lead for Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD), its candidate Olaf Scholz took the stage of the party’s headquarters in Berlin to cheers on their victory.
  • As reports say, Germans have voted for the SPD because ‘they want the name of the next chancellor to be Olaf Scholz’. Olaf Scholz talks of being chosen by supporters.
  • A tough and hard race of election brought an end to the post-war domination of the two big parties Social Democratic Party (SDP) and his rival’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU).
  • SPD supporters greeted him in admiration only after his party edged into the lead that he told a televised audience the voters had given him the job of forming a “good, pragmatic government for Germany”.
  • Olaf Scholz said there were three parties that were on the up – his party, the Greens, and the liberals – and it was time for the conservatives to back down.
  • “I think that the people in Germany want the Christian Democratic Union in opposition. This is their result now, what they decided during the election,” he said in English.

CDU leader Armin Laschet refused to acknowledge their defeat however. He insisted the party had the right to form a governing coalition, meaning the country could face a protracted power struggle.