Nova Twins releases new Tour dates!

Nova Twins are an English rock duo formed consisting of vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South. Love and South have been close friends since childhood and have played in bands. Sanjida Tanmoy reports.

They formed a band together in 2014 named BRATS, releasing the song “Bad Bitches” under that name. Later that year, they settled on the name Nova Twins.

After six years of playing together, Amy Love (guitar/vocals) and Georgia South (bass/vocals) released their debut album, Who Are The Girls?, on FEVER 333 frontman Jason Aalon Butler’s 333 Wreckords labels.

Spearheaded by singles that include Devil’s Face, Vortex, and Play Fair, the album’s arrival should have marked the start of 12 months of intense activity for the pair.

Nova Twins have discussed the renaissance of rock and punk music at this summer’s festivals, saying rock i “having its moment again.”

The nova twins spoke about a new Big Read cover feature following their sets at Reading & Leeds festivals last month and discussed how rock and punk “deserve” to be at the forefront of the UK music scene.

Georgia South told in a statement….

“Reading & Leeds is so prestigious, and everyone talks about their memories of it, but when I was 16, I never did all of that stuff; I was just doing gigs, just being really focused,”

“But the show was mental – we’ve just been in a daze this whole week, like what the fuck just happened?!”

bandmate Amy Love added

“It was such an amazing turnout,”. “We were on with some of our favorite acts right now; Yonaka before us, Ashnikko right after, Dinosaur Pile-Up headlining.

“It just goes to show how much rock and punk music has come to the forefront again. It deserves to be there – rock is where so many festivals started. It’s nice to see it so strong and having its moment again.”

Nova Twins say rock music is “having its moment again”: “It deserves to be there”

“Rock is where so many festivals started,” the twins said in a statement. Here is the link of their 2022 tour of festivals: