‘NOISE FOR NOW’ & ‘Seeding Sovereignty’ Receives Support

‘NOISE FOR NOW’ & ‘Seeding Sovereignty’ gets support from various Artists
‘NOISE FOR NOW’ & ‘Seeding Sovereignty’ gets support from various Artists

A number of renowned artists have come forward to support a few community campaigns in America with masks and fund reliefs to help them tackle Covid-19. Anika Khan Reports.

‘NOISE FOR NOW’ is an initiative which helps to connect musicians and various artists to connect with, and contribute to, projects related to national reproductive rights in America.

‘Seeding Sovereignty’ is an Indigenous women-led collective, who are working to dismantle colonial institutions and to establish more indigenous rights across the country. They have launched a brand new ‘Indigenous Impact Rapid Response Initiative’ in response to the global pandemic.

A number of the well known musicians and artists have joined these causes and contributed financial aid:

  • Fiona Apple
  • Deer Hoof
  • Cat Power
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Kim Gordon
  • David Pajo
  • Doe Paoro
  • Gemma
  • Half Waif
  • Holly Miranda
  • Mark Ruffalo
  • Milk Cartoon Kids
  • Laura Burhenn
  • Palehound
  • And a few more others

“Seeding Sovereignty’ is involved in selling masks and bandanas to the mass public through their website.

For every mask purchased from their organization, one mask is donated to the reservations and pueblos that consist of American indigenous people who have been greatly impacted by the Pandemic.

Previously, politicians have imposed a state-level temporary restriction on abortion access across states. This has led to temporary closures of health centres in small rural communities. People with low income, people of colour, and minorities living in remote areas are being affected by these impositions. ‘NOISE FOR NOW’ and a few other organizations are working to help these people.

Order your masks and show support to these campaigns at https://noisefornow.org/shop


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