Mira Sorvino Opens Up about Being Raped

The Oscar-winning actor Mira Sorvino reveals that she has been a survivor of date rape as she joined Times’s Up advocates speaking out about sexual assault at the State Capitol in Albany, on Tuesday, June 12.
Sorvino revealing the matter publicly so that she lend her voice to a push for stronger sexual assault laws in New York.
Sorvino is the first women who brought a sexual harassment allegation against the film producer Harvey Weinstein during a news conference with New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, in support of the push to drop the statute of limitations on rape allegations.
“This whole #MeToo this has been wonderful, but it has been highly traumatizing for me on a personal level just because I have had to revisit my past and my demons in a way that I really had not fully explored… I had not really dealt with past traumas,” said Sorvino.
“I had not really sought out the help I needed, so this past year and a half has been a very interesting and hard and wonderful time for me. But I can stand here before you and say not only was I a sexual harassment and battery victim at the hands of Mr. Weinstein, but I’m also a sexual assault victim and I’m also a survivor of date rape.”
Sorvino did not describe the details of the incident but she wanted to disclose the assault to help the others.
“I am doing it here to try and help, because there are all these survivors out there right now who need justice, who need to feel that they can take the time they need to sort through the trauma, to sort through the shame,” said Sorvino.
Listening the actress Cuomo thanked Sorvino for being “brave and courageous”.
Sorvino is one of more than 80 women who have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct.
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