The Latest Film/TV That You Can Stream Right Now!


With many of us stuck at home looking for something looking binge, Tanzia Haq digs into the streaming world to find the best things for you to stream online right now.

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to halt the production schedules for film and TV in most countries, the entrainment world has been put on pause until it is safe for filming to resume. While the effects of this will undoubtedly be felt in the coming months when we see a recudtion in the number of new content being created, for now, we still have some great things to look forward to!


Too Hot To Handle: After the success of Love is Blind earlier this year, Netflix now comes to you with Too Hot To Handle, a show with the weird premise where ‘hot’ people would be put together in a beachy island villa to create genuine connections with each other to win a cash prize of $100,000. If any of the contestants engage in a ‘fling’ in the duration of the challenge, the prize money would decrease. Ridiculous? Yes. Addictive? Yes!

Middleditch and Shwartz: If you’re a comedy fan, you would know Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz. The actor/comedians were part of the casts of Parks and Recreation (Shwartz) and Silicon Valley (Middleditch). Their new Netflix special is in three parts: Dream Job, Law School Magic and Parking Lot Wedding. It’s completely improvised and will leave you in stitches.

Extraction: Chris Hemsworth jumps off a cliff and then meditates underwater in the trailer. If you’re going ‘what on earth?’ you’re not alone. Directed by the Russo Brothers, of Avengers fame, the film promises action, a kidnapping of a rich kid, an unlikely friendship and lots of explosions. If it feels like I gave the plot away, don’t blame me blame the trailer. But the film promises loads of entertainment so check it out when it hits Netflix on 24 April 2020.

Amazon Prime

The James Bond Franchise: Fans of British spy will be thrilled to know Amazon Prime now has a big chunk of the Bond films, from Diamonds Are Forever to Golden Eye.

The streaming service is also bringing a lot of classic movies and shows to their platform like The Bodyguard, Mark of Zorro and Dollface.

2019’s The Lighthouse starring Willem Defoe and Robert Pattinson as two lighthouse maintenance men interact in a way that devolves into violence, is also available on the service.

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