Netflix Teaser for '13 Reasons Why' Reveals Release Date

Netflix is winding up its second season of 13 Reasons Why, revealing May 18 as its premiere date in a teaser trailer released on Monday.
The trailer shows classmates Tony (Christian Navarro), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Bryce (Justin Prentice), guidance counselor Mr. Davis (Joseph C. Phillips), Hannah’s mother Olivia (Kate Walsh) and series protagonist Clay (Dylan Minnette) all frozen in time as floating photos hint at moments to come.
The final photo of the trailer teases that “the tapes were just the beginning.”
Fans of the teen drama now have a premiere date, and a new technology to look forward to. The first season relied on a series of cassette tapes to drive the narrative. This season will rely on a series of compromising polaroids to uncover a dangerous school secret as various characters fight to reveal the truth behind Hannah Baker’s death.
The season 1 finale left many of the characters’ arcs up in the air. It ends with the character Jessica Davis beginning to deal with the fact she was raped by Bryce Walker, school star athlete Justin Foley leaving town, and Sheriff’s son Alex Standall attempting suicide himself.
The second season, which will go beyond the content of Jay Asher’s best-selling book on which the series was based, will continue to feature Hannah, though she will no longer be the drama’s narrator. But viewers should expect to see a different side of her.
13 Reasons Why arrived on Netflix in 2017 under a cloud of controversy; the hard hitting drama told the story of Hannah Baker and why she decided to commit suicide.
The show also dealt with the topics of bullying, substance abuse, and rape. Despite the uproar from some, 13 Reasons Why was a huge hit. The controversial subject led Netflix to strengthen its warnings about the show’s content and sparked conversations that quickly dominated Twitter soon after its debut.
Check out the trailer here.
> Mar Martínez