National Pride

National Pride

Ending Isolation After COVID-19

Isolation, self-distancing, safeguarding, lockdown, words that became familiar. But so did the words uncertainty, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration and loneliness.

COVID_19 cared not whether you are rich or poor, it highlighted that not everyone is equal. Whether we choose to take action goes to the very essence of who we are as individuals and as a society.

Will pandemics be with us always not just a moment in history? Do the words suggest a bleak future or an opportunity to reappraise society and all it’s inherent problems? With COVID-19 and the consequences of the pandemic, we have seen what ‘big society’ truly is, caring, sharing, sacrifice, an appreciation of what we have and lost, a realisation that we all can be better if we have a common purpose.

We have seen the importance of key workers and we rightly hold them in high esteem. Their service and sacrifice exemplifies the best of us, they are truly an inspiration never to be taken for granted ever again.

We knew before the pandemic there was a need for a new approach to tackle poor housing, social and health care, now is the time for all of us to ‘make a difference’.