Bengali Artists Collaborates For New ‘AMPHAN’ Song

Voice of Amphan
Voice of Amphan

Four Bengali musicians have collaborated in the song ‘Sujon Re’ to raise awareness for those who have been affected by the recent cyclone ‘Amphan’. Dipto paul Reports.

PABLO, Soham Mallick, Arin Dez, and Punkstah, whose song appeared on the recent Netflix movie ‘Extraction’, are just some of the artists who have appeared in the song which was released on Monday, June 29.

This song is an attempt to bring together the different cultures of Bengal, from Kolkata to Sylhet to Dhaka, to raise funds for those who have been affected by the recent cyclone.

You can listen to the song below:

According to the artists, this song is a Bengali/Sylheti number with futuristic production and considered as the hip-hop anthem from Eastern India/Bangladesh.

Punkstah said: “The song ‘Sujon Re’ is very close to my heart. I was going through a family crisis while I wrote and recorded the song.”

He added: “As an artist, it’s our duty to help others in the society. The situation I’m going through, i wouldn’t want that on my enemy, and I know a lot of people are suffering the way I am suffering, So it gives me a beam of hope to know that I made a change.”

He also added, “We’re using a hashtag to reach to the masses which is #Voicesofamphan”

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Amphan has been among the deadliest cyclones in the region in a century, leaving nearly 90 people dead and more than 10 million homeless.