Music Monday: Top three music releases of this week

Music review: Top three music releases of this week
Music review: Top three music releases of this week

We bring you the latest music releases of this week. So put on your earphones and get ready to groove to our best picks!

Alice SK: Another Girl’s Man

Can you remember London-based singer Alice SK? She is the one who collaborated with Muca and Bossa Nova, but now she has stepped out to release her own new single, Another Man’s Girl.

Now the song is not your typical love song as it is about a relationship that has taken a turn and gone sour as a result. It is your basic indie/folk fusion along with the smooth and melodic vocals of Alice SK. As the song gradually unfolds so does the story of the relationship.

The song itself is 4 minutes and 6 seconds long and is smooth from start to finish and is reminiscent of the ’60s 70’s rock scene. So much so it sounds as though it was actually made there and then. Alice’s voice is both beautiful and haunting whilst displaying numerous ranges of emotion and along with the guitar riffs and drums is fluidic and free-flowing.

The Famous Daxx: Gamble

Originally from the German town of Munich but as of 2018 now based in London, Daxx, of The Famous Daxx has released her single, ‘Gamble’. As an artist, she takes influence from an interesting collection of musical tastes ranging from Opera to jazz, classical to retro guitar.

Gamble is a rather interesting little number and happens to be 4 minutes and 6 seconds long. Lyrically the song opens up with some odd but fascinating lyrics “Give me the time-warp please, give me the last movie scene”. Now oddly enough there is something quite reminiscent of Rocky Horror here which actually sets the musical landscape scene here do already you’re off to a good start, after which it continues to build up interest.

The song itself is about being stuck in a moment in time whilst pondering about the future and what it could possibly bring. Daxx’s vocals throughout the whole song are haunting yet manage to remain both harmonious and fluidic at the same time. Definitely one for the playlist.

Habib Wahid: Asha

Bangladeshi prominent singer/ music composer Habib Wahid has recently released his d his latest lyric video titled ‘Ash’ on the YouTube channel under the banner of HW Production. The3 min song has already garnered over 1,95,000 views. Besides Youtube, the song has also been released on GP Music, Vibe, Splash, Shadhin, Spotify, Apple Music, and other online music streaming platforms.

Habib Wahid in an interview said, “I have decided not to release music CDs for now. Asha is my latest song. It is a romantic song. I hope, music lovers will enjoy it”.

The 3-minute song is about the hope of finding one lost love. It is a person who listens on a rainy day for the hopeless romantics.

Habib also said, “I enjoyed working in Prajapati. It was a great learning experience for me. I will work in films again in the future if the film’s storyline matches my music style”.