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Music Monday: Introducing the Week’s Top Playlist!

Get ready to ignite the dancefloor with a precision-curated playlist by music editor Adam Humphries. Packed with recently released upbeat tracks, this catchy selection guarantees a non-stop dance extravaganza that will leave you breathless. Let the music ignite your soul and unleash your inner groove for an unforgettable week of electrifying beats and unstoppable moves. Get ready to dance like there’s no tomorrow!

Sara Lew dances in the sea in ethereal – ‘Out Of Nowhere’ visual!

You could very well be seeing the creative influences of Kate Bush in this official music video as Sara Lew uses the medium of dance and body movement to express the feel of her latest single, Out of Nowhere. The Danish singer uses the mixed creative formats of film, moving imagery and abstract shapes for the video. 

The video as that calming effect even when the song goes into energetic mode. This is actually impressive as it shows the creativity of the artist and their own expressions 

SARA LEW comes – “Out of Nowhere”, with new melodic indie-rock single!

And here is the single itself. Nowhere starts off on a smooth, fluidic pace before gradually gaining speed and becoming more manic. Strong guitar riffs and industrial tempos create a rough, jagged tune which is reminiscent of hard rock and bass beats which is balanced us by Sara’s vocals. An interesting way to describe it is almost like something which has been born right from a rough choppy landscape of emotions of loss in which you have this soft, haunting voice which just seems to skewer right through and remains fixed 

Out of nowhere, acclaimed Danish indie artist Sara Lew’s new single “Out of Nowhere” hits the earth’s surface today 12 May 2023!

THE PAPER KITES – Return with “Hurts So Good” Single || Announce New Album: ‘At The Roadhouse’ (1 Sept)

Australian indie rockers The Paper KITES are back on the music scene with a new Hurts So Good which comes straight from their latest album, At The Roadhouse which is out on release beginning of September.

What’s enjoyable about it is the slow pace and the music and it stays true to what the band’s all about when it comes to their sounds.

Completely full of the recognisable tranquil soothing country genre. Never takes itself too seriously and the lead singers fuse together with minimal effort. Overall, a definite recommendation for the summer playlist 








MICHAEL J. BENJAMIN – Releases new single: “The Same Again” – Listen

If you put the sounds of Jonny Cash, Sir Paul McCartney, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and John Denver in a mixer and gave it a whirl this would be the resulting product.

Born and raised in and around Europe Michael Benjamin reminisces about memories past in The Same Again. Michael’s rough and raw vocals cut right through the sound and just simply won’t be ignored.

If there’s one thing that country music and poetry do when put together it’s being able to create stories in sound. Michael expresses the upsides and downsides of shared memories that grabs your attention 




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