Monday Music: MUSCLE VEST drops new EP!

Monday Music: MUSCLE VEST drops new EP!
Monday Music: MUSCLE VEST drops new EP!

MUSCLE VEST explores the oppressive elements of modern society with ‘Live Laugh Loathe’ EP. Adam Humphries reports.

New-comers to the London punk-rock/noise scene, Muscle Vest, have released their EP which is called Live Laugh Loathe. It is an album that consists of four new songs;

  • Creepy Crawlie
  • Stray
  • A Slow Death
  • Blissbucket

Each one of the four tracks is a take on the everyday aspects of both society and modern-day life, from toxic masculinity to oppression on certain aspects of society, cooperate capitalism that lacks morals, and the perils of what happens whenever opposing personalities clash with each other.

Now, after listening to all four of them there is quite a bit of clever song-writing going on where each individual track is concerned as they can be viewed as a mirror to the modern-day present. As for the screaming, energetic voices, if you were to look back on the past year or so even, you’d be left screaming out in sheer frustration with what’s going on today.

Even though it’s not quite The Sex Pistols it’s definitely got both the rage and energy towards it and both the EP and the band have definitely got something to say. For me, it just seems to be that the more aggressive screamo energy you have then the more expressive it is, and that’s what this is.

There’s a video for the first track on the EP if you want to check it out.