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Marriage restrictions get relaxed in Saudi Arabia for Ronaldo

With Al Nassr, the Portuguese star just inked the greatest football deal ever

Cristiano Ronaldo signed the most expensive football agreement on record with Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr. But it also allows him to dodge some of the country’s stringent laws upon unmarried couples sharing a home.

Ronaldo, 37, agreed to a two-and-a-half-year engagement with the Saudi Pro League club in late December. His total annual remuneration is reported for being above £175 million ($212 million).

In spite of accompanying Ronaldo at his dazzling announcement weeks ago, the Portuguese player’s long-term spouse, Georgina Rodriguez, will greet him in Riyadh. There will be 5 kids, two of who has with Rodriguez.

The harsh Islamic restrictions, which explicitly ban “marriage without a written contract,” were a barrier for Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.

However, two Saudi legal scholars who contacted Spain’s TYC Sports allege making an exception for both Rodriguez and Ronaldo. Due to the visibility and excitement that Ronaldo’s signing with Al Nassr has given to Saudi football globally.

Whereas the empire’s laws still restrict habitation without a marriage, some said that now. The government begins to turn a blind eye and no longer arrests anyone who acts in it. Yet, if there is a concern or a violation, these laws apply.

Another said, “Although explicitly forbade intercourse outside marital, Saudi officials no longer get involved in this area – for ex-pats.

The fact that an unaffiliated foreign lady is meant to stop the nation from providing her with a visa.

Al Nassr or the Saudi football ministry financing her work permit may be one option.

Rodriguez might ask for each visitor’s visa, but it would expire before Ronaldo’s Al Nassr deal is set to finish.

Yet it looks like any difficulties related to Ronaldo’s migration to Saudi will ignore legal issues.  

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