Maldives Soldiers Pledge to Uphold Nation's Decision

Maldives Army promises to follow people’s decision when A rumour spread out that defeated President Abdulla Yameen was trying to extend his rule.
Captain Ibrahim Azim said to reporters on Wednesday, “The beloved people of the Maldives have made their decisionon 23 September 2018 known in an election, and the army will uphold that decision.”
Major General Ahmed Shiyam,Chief of Defence Force also said that the military will uphold and defend the decision made by the people of the country and there is no doubt.
The rumours took place when the opposition president Abdulla Yameen was preparing a legal bid to challenge the result, after loosing the election in Sunday’s poll by 17 points.
“He is attempting to take a case the supreme court, and the ruling party set a letter to the election commission that they want to delay the official election result,” Ahmed Maloof also added “He is attempting to annul this election”.
Yameen, accused of jailing nearly all of his opponents, had conceded defeat shortly after provisional results released on Monday showed the opposition candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, winning 58 percent of ballots cast. In the Indian Ocean Island nation it was matter of victory for democracy.
After 2 days later, the leader of the ruling Progressive Party told the reporters that there were “allegations of systematic and planned irregularities” in the vote.
An investigation was launched by the PPM to figure out the complaints and asked why the elections commision have to wait,Nihan also said “As a political party, we have a responsibility to check when we receive such reports.”
United Kingdom’s ambassador, James Dauris said to Maldives that without delay to facilitate a smooth transfer of power urgued elections commission to publish the final election results. Sharref told Maldives,”the comission has not been briefed on the nature of the complaints yet, but there are allegations of fraud from what I understand.”
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