Make a gift of time


The magic of technology might be the only way to give life-limited and disabled children a chance to play, be creative, communicate and control something for themselves.

Could you be one of the volunteers we are looking for to join our network of Lifelites Ambassadors across the British Isles and help raise vital funds and awareness on behalf of the 10,000 children who access our magical packages of technology?

People like you help Lifelites to donate packages of magical technology to the children that need it most, at every children’s hospice service across the British Isles.

With your help we can give these children a chance to communicate for the first time just by moving their eyes, escape in their wheelchair into a virtual world where they can walk along the beach, or play games together with their siblings, for the first time.

If you are willing to consider helping life-limited and disabled children in your area, please contact Amy Buddle on 0207 4200 440 or