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Let’s meet Kishwar Chowdhury

Let’s meet Kishwar Chowdhury
Let’s meet Kishwar Chowdhury


This Bangladeshi-origin contestant was seen sharing Bengali Recipe ‘Macher Jhol’ in MasterChef Australia season 13, spiraling news in social media for being one of the strongest contestants on the show.

Meet Kishwar Chowdhury- The Bangladeshi-Australian chef who has become popular in the world for her cooking and representing Bengali cuisines on an international platform. Here are a few interesting facts about our new wonder chef:

  • Chowdhury is a 38-year-old and was born to Laila and Kamrul Chowdhury, in Melbourne. They are also the founders of the Bangladeshi community in Victoria.
  • She completed her education with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Monash University.
  • Chowdhury returned to Melbourne in 2015 and after years of preparation, she finally took part in Masterchef Australia season 13.
  • In this show, she made authentic Bengali dishes like, green mango broth, served with black lentils, beetroot, and blood orange short.
  • She is inspired by the Malaysian-born Australian cook Poh Ling Yeow, a contestant on MasterChef Australia during one of its early seasons.
  • She is a mother of two, happily married with her high-school mated, Ehtesham, who mentioned on Instagram that her style of cooking is “home food that nourishes the soul and makes sure there are no leftovers on her kid’s plate”.
  •  MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo complimented her food saying, “This is one of the most delicious things I have eaten this year. And I want to see more of it.”
  • This is perhaps the first time in an international program that Bengali cuisine is being represented in such a positive light making the entire nation root for Kishwar to win Masterchef Australia season 13.

Here is Masterchef Australia’s official Instagram page to find out more about Kishwar:



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