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Lessons to be Remembered Post-Lockdown

We Helped Look After Each Other and Ourselves in Lockdown, So Why Not Continue Doing so? Adam Humphreys reports.

Since the 4th July 2020 life in the UK has started to return to some sort of normality, even if at a slow pace. But then again, we all knew it would be a slow one. However, as we begin to resume our lives what lessons can we learn from how we have spent the past three months of our lives in lock-down? Communicating with our friends and family who we would not have spoken to that regularly? Maintaining our new-found friendships with our neighbour’s cos for some when was the last time we ever took the time to talk to them; reminding ourselves of how important our families were as we either spent a lot more time with them or spending much time away helping those battling the Corona Virus.

As someone who enjoys the freedom of travelling, even just basic rides out in the car, one thing that I am going to re-examining is being able to go places. For instance, this year, I was supposed to be going on holiday with the family to Spain but the international lock-down meant that had to go on the backburner. And the last time I went on holiday was in 2005, a (very) long time.

The further we step back in our new (ish) world we could all do with remembering what it is we value the most and here’s a few things I can think of;

  • Remembering those who’s health, both mentally and physically, has suffered in lock-down and continue supporting them
  • Enjoying our friendship groups as a lot of people have lost loved-ones during the crisis
  • Learning more new skills. If you enjoyed learning a new skill in lock-down why not continue doing it. Just cos lock-down’s easing doesn’t mean you’ve got to drop it.
  • Go out for a day and explore new surroundings, rediscover something you originally took for granted.
  • Looking after your health as you’ve had plenty of time to reassess your lifestyle

And that’s just a few things I can think of and you may very well be looking at them and thinking both how small and insignificant they look at first, but remember, you’ve not been able to do any of them for three months. 

Something else I can think of is remembering how we all came together as a community, for example, how many of us joined in for the Clap for our Carers? I imagine you must have felt a sense of community so why not keep it up. As things start to get back to what they were before looking after our individual well-being is still as it was both before and during lock-down the past few months. 

Being together matters

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