Labour launches dedicated Youth & Disability Manifestos

The Labour Party has launched dedicated Youth and Disability Manifestos.
In their ‘youth manifesto’, titled ‘The Future is Ours’, the party has set out a commitment to give the right to vote to 16-year-olds, and plans to invest an additional £250 million to build up to 500 new youth centres.
In their ‘disability manifesto’, titled ‘Breaking Down Barriers‘, they have unveiled measures worth £2.6bn to tackle discrimination and restore protections for disabled people and their families.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “This election is a chance for real change, for a more inclusive, fair and equal society that works for the many, not the few.”
Shadow minister for disabled people Marsha de Cordova said that she was “proud” that Labour is the only party with a manifesto developed by and for disabled people.
‘Breaking Down Barriers’ vows to ensure disabled children on universal credit receive the same amount as disabled children whose parents receive child tax credits.
Labour also pledges to introduce a “self-care element” into universal credit to support people with severe disabilities without formal carers.

Unveiling the fresh set of policies, Corbyn added: “The treatment of disabled people by Conservative and Lib Dem governments… should be a source of shame.
“Labour will put right this injustice. We’ll ensure that disabled people get the support they need to lead independent lives and participate fully in society. We are on your side.”
In relation to their youth policies, he said: “Across the country, young people are taking to the streets and leading the climate strikes, they’re campaigning on issues they care about, volunteering in their thousands, and using social media to make their voices heard.
“We often say that young people are the leaders of tomorrow, but recent events have shown they are the leaders of today.”
“The next Labour government will invest in young people and match their ambition with the money and resources needed to put support back into our communities.”
> Juthy Saha