Kylie Minogue Announces Livestream Concert ‘Infinite Disco’

kylie minogue livestream
Kylie Minogue Announces Livestream Concert ‘Infinite Disco’

Kylie Minogue has announced a live-streamed concert ‘Infinite Disco’, taking place next month to celebrate her upcoming album ‘Disco’. Puza Snigdha reports.

‘Kylie: Infinite Disco,’ will be livestreamed on November 7 from 8pm AEDT. The show will feature performances of popular tracks as well as new releases from Minogue’s latest album, Disco.

The show will not be available to watch after it airs as it is ticketed show streaming across the world. The 50 minutes long show’s tickets will go sale on 21st October.

The set is like an alternative euphoric dance floor which is done by Kylie and the creative team at Studio Moross and Sinclair / Wilkinson.

Kate Moross and Rob Sinclair has co-directed the concert and choreography has done by Ashley Wallen, who is Kylie’s longtime collaborator.

Kylie’s upcoming album ‘Disco’ is set to release on 6th November. ‘Disco’ is the 15th studio album by Kylie Minogue and first album since 2018’s Golden. Originally the album was announced back in July. The singer already released two singles ‘Magic’ and ‘Say Something’ from the album.

According to Kylie the show can’t be call as concert as Kylie won’t be able to get her fan’s reaction. There won’t be any crowd in front of her.

“There’s no response to what you are doing. But it will be a very exciting way to present a lot of the new music and a few old hits,” said Kylie in a statement.

However, the unique broadcast will also include some special Kylie classics.