New rules for the second Presidential debate

New rules for the second Presidential debate
New rules for the second Presidential debate

After the last presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump which can be described as nothing but a comical nuisance, the debate commission adopted new rules to mute microphones in the second debate. Anika Khan reports.

The final Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is set to be televised on Thursday.  The candidates will be muted while the other gets the floor to speak to avoid interruptions. The non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD) announced the new rules on Monday. However, these rule changes seem to have angered Trump supporters. 

The Second debate is set to be divided into six, fifteen minutes long segments, and each candidate will be granted two minutes of delivery speech without any interruption before proceeding with the open debate.

The spokesperson of the commission said in a statement that although there is a chance for both the campaigns to not be pleased with the new measures, this will ensure the right balance for the debate.  

Trump’s Campaign Manager, Bill Stepien said that the commission is biased and all the changes are to “provide an advantage to their favored candidate”.

However, he also stated that despite the disagreement, Donald Trump will be debating Joe Biden for one last time before Election Day which is just two weeks away.  On the other hand, the Joe Biden Campaigns refrained from commenting on these new updates

Comical illustration of the first Presidential Debate

The new rules came after a chaotic first presidential debate where Trump relentlessly interrupted and attacked Joe Biden in a very unpresidential manner. After losing his patience Biden snapped a said to the 70-year-old ORANGE TODDLER,

“Will you shut up, man?”