‘Kal Nitur Biye’ Telefilm Releasing On Eid

Kal Nitur Biye
Kal Nitur Biye Telefilm

Bangladeshi Psychological thriller telefilm ‘Kal Nitur Biye’ is scheduled to release on this Eid. Dipto Paul Reports.

The telefilm will be broadcast at 7.30 PM (Local time) at ‘Machranga Television’ on the seventh day of this year’s Eid (7 August).

The film was directed by Shahidul Islam Rana who also worked in the cinematography and the Script of the film.

The plot of the film is based on 3 people and their choice of lifestyle.

The lives of the three people, the worries, and the trajectories are different but somehow an unexpected event wants to bring them together.

 Kal Nitur Biye
Kal Nitur Biye Telefilm

According to the director, this film is a dramatization of a story that will push viewers to think deeply about the story and also help them eliminate the tendency to crime in real life.

The playwright and director Saidul Islam Rana said, “Originally I made telefilms to create a mind-blowing impression on the audience, now the audience will judge our work. Then we can realize actually how successful we are by our works.”

 Abdur Nur Sajal, Farhana Mili, Lutfor Rahman George with Shaed Ali Sujon will be seen playing the major characters in the telefilm.

Sajal Acting On the telefilm

Mili said, “Basically this film is not a typical love story, also not heroine-based conventional stories that we see on television. It is a different and new story which the audience will love surely.”

In the context of playing the central character, Sajal said, “this telefilm is a must-watch for all classes of professionals.”

The telefilm has been screened at various locations in Dhaka, Rajbari, and Faridpur.