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 10 reasons to switch to a  menstrual cup | OrganiCup

Menstrual cups are taking women’s intimate health care by storm! There are lots of reasons to switch to menstrual cups but we’ll with just 10
1 – It’s cheaper than buying pads and tampons every month! When you buy a menstrual cup, you are saving money each month by having a product that lasts for 10 years!
2 – Tampons and pads have to be changed every 4 – 8 hours but with the menstrual cup, you can relax knowing that you have 12 hours between changes. It’s nice not to suddenly panick that you haven’t changed yet!…

Covered by>>> Sheridan Rudge
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 Tring Park Open Days

5, 11 & 12 October

Is your son or daughter interested in a unique educational experience in a world-class vocational and academic boarding and day school? Tring Park School for the Performing Arts offers an exceptional opportunity to young people who show an outstanding talent for the performing arts – acting, dance, musical theatre or commercial music – while recognising the benefits of a fine academic education. Open Days provide an opportunity for children and parent to tour the school on a normal working day, speak with vocational and academic directors and watch a show…

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 Make Time for Self-Care This  Autumn

Life can get hectic. We worry about our ever-growing to do lists, what other people think of us, if we are achieving, and the commitments we’re struggling to keep. Too often, we end up being far too hard on ourselves. This is especially true for those who suffer with eating disorders. These isolating serious mental illnesses can take a serious toll on people’s self-esteem and manipulate people into thinking they don’t deserve nice things or the help and support of others. At Beat we promote the importance of self-care and the hope of recovery through our helpline services which support people affected by eating disorders 365 days a year…

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 On Your Marks, Get Set,  BAKE!

PLEASE HELP to change a child’s life, this October. We are inviting YOU to organise your own bibic cake or coffee morning sale to raise some dough and make a positive difference to a child’s life. We would love your support! bibic is a small charity based in Somerset supporting children and young people across the UK with disabilities and learning difficulties. Since 1972 we’ve made a huge difference to more than 14,000 children and their families. We support those with brain injuries and other conditions such as autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, dyslexia and sensory processing disorder…

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 Help Musicians UK (HMUK)

Help Musicians UK (HMUK) is Britain’s leading independent music charity. Since 1921, it has provided help and support to empower musicians at all stages of their careers. A musician’s career often involves massive highs and lows, and navigating them is an art in itself. HMUK has seen a rise in the number of calls and applications from musicians going through a crisis. How support is shown to those experiencing mental health concerns is one of the biggest challenges the industry faces. In 2016 HMUK conducted an industry-wide study called ‘Can Music Make You Sick?’ which found that musicians are three times more likely to experience depression and that a significant gap existed in the available support services for musicians…

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 Have a Cosy (Club)  Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and we all know what that means! Aside from the presents and the decorations, one of the best parts about the festive season is all of the amazing food options that it brings. Cosy Club has some seriously glorious treats for you this year, so whether you are celebrating with family, partying with your friends, or getting social with your colleagues, this is the perfect venue for your festive feast. Cosy Club Birmingham has a set menu that offers up a delicious variety of 3 high quality courses – and at just £27.95, you will certainly be getting value for money. This deal is available from 22 November – 24 December and it is now possible to make bookings, so if you are interested then feel free to get in touch with the restaurant…

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