Jhene Aiko’s ‘On The Way’ gains commercial success

Jhene Aiko's ‘On The Way’ gains commercial success

Jhene Aiko dropped the deluxe version of her album ‘Chilombo’ last month. She released a surprise collaboration track ‘On The Way’ with her older sister Mila J in the new version. Anika Khan reports.

The 32-Year-old R&B singer released her third album, ‘Chilombo’ back in March which broke a three-year streak of radio silence for her. 38000 copies of the album were sold in the first week making it number one in many countries.

The song titled, ‘On my Way’ is the first commercially- released record of the siblings together. Mila J has also built a career as a singer alongside Jhena and has been releasing music independently for the past decade.

The two sisters bring in their different styles and aura into the song. In the song, the Los Angelos born singers employ raunchy imageries and references from the lead single of the album ‘Chilombo’. The sibling duo also pulls out infamous verses from the 1980s movie Harlem nights into the song.

Listen to Jhene Aiko and Mila J’s song ‘On My Way’ below: