Japanese artist Mieko Shimizu releases a hypnotic new song

Mieko Shimizu – Lazy Light
Mieko Shimizu – Lazy Light

Lazy Light is the new single from Japanese artist, Mieko Shimizu, who is now based here in London. For a song that is under four minutes long, it has something of a hypnotic feel to it. However, through all the melodic, soulful yet haunting track Mieko’s voice just seeps through the music.

Vocally her voice is like honey in lemon tea and just brings the whole track together, with a little help from Mercury Prize winner, Mike Lindsey, who both compliment each other perfectly where their musical abilities are concerned.

Musically, the song puts the listener on a journey which is tempting to continue. In other words, you are likely to want to hit the repeat button a few times over. Also, it is definitely one for your playlist.

Lazy Light is a blissful fusion of electronic sounds with soul vibe with an ambient edge with captivating Bork-esque type vocals that get you gripped right from the get go. Even the guitar riffs add some edge. As a singer Mieko has got a beautiful singing voice that is worth listening to.

Watch the music video below:

The video that accompanies this video has a dream-like effect filled with slow-motion type dancing silhouettes a piano (just view the clip to see what I mean) and Mieko herself singing.