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Israel strikes Gaza, 1st time under new government


Israeli forces have launched airstrikes on Gaza, the first offensive since a new coalition government took power. The strikes happening just weeks, after the ceasefire that ended the 11-day war with the Palestinian.

Blasts were heard at multiple locations in Gaza around 1:00 am local time on Wednesday, various media outlets reported, while a radio station operated by the Hamas militant group said strikes targeted a Palestinian training camp.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed the operations during a statement on Twitter, also sharing footage of one of the strikes.

“Fighter jets recently attacked Hamas military complexes that served as camps and meeting places for terrorist operatives in the Khan Yunis and Gaza brigades,” the military said, adding that it is “prepared for all scenarios, including the resumption of hostilities.”

According to local media, the incendiary balloons ignited at least 20 fires around Israel. Footage purporting to point out the attack in progress has circulated on social media. It is unclear where the videos were captured, but unconfirmed reports noted a flurry of strikes around Khan Younis.

The latest strikes also come as the first bout of hostilities with Gaza under a new Israeli government, with Naftali Bennett sworn in as prime minister on Sunday.

 Dubbed the ‘Change Bloc’ and composed of right-wing, centrist, and even Arab parties, the diverse coalition ended a 12-year reign by longtime PM Benjamin Netanyahu, after four consecutive elections in two years failed to produce a lasting majority.


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