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Is AI the new tool for “Exploitation” of workers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been the talk to the decade, with ChatGPT taking toll on the market. But does this discriminates against the workers and how has this come to become evident? Tory ministers are failing to protect workers from being exploited by Artificial Intelligence(AI), as the TUC has warned.

New technology is making “high-risk, life-changing” decisions about people’s lives, including using facial expressions. The tone of voice and accents to assess candidates’ suitability for roles, the union body charged.

AI, which employees are “being kept in the dark about,” could lead to “greater discrimination at work across the economy”. The intervention came as politicians, tech leaders, regulators and unions meet in London for the TUC’s AI conference. Assistant general secretary Kate Bell and David Davis MP — former chair of the all-party parliamentary group on the future of work —are among the speakers set to address the event at TUC Congress House.

The union body said that it will fail to regulate AI and also “dilute important rights” currently guaranteed under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. These include safeguards against automated decision-making and commitments to allow workers and unions a say over the introduction of new technologies through impact assessments.

“Ministers have issued a series of vague and flimsy commitments that are not worth the paper they are written on, leaving workers more vulnerable to unscrupulous employers.” “We need a new deal for workers that offers real investment in skills and training, along with providing well-paid, high-quality and secure employment, to make work fair and just for all.”

A strict rules should me made to tackle the worker’s exploitation in the hands of AI. First, the workers were exploited by the dubious regiments of the capitalist system. Now they are being exploited by the AI, which should be their friends in reducing their work loads.

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