International Kite Festival

International Kite Festival in January
International kite festival in Ahmedabad

When> 6-14 Jan
When> Across Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
What> The city of Ahmedabad hosts this International Kite Festival as part of the official celebration of Uttarayan, bringing master kite makers and flyers from all over the world and impress the crowds with highly unusual kites.
Kites of all shapes and sizes are flown, and the main competition is to battle nearby kite-flyers to cut their strings and bring down their kites. For this, people find their favored kite-makers who prepare strong resilient kite bodies with springy bamboo frames and kite-paper.
The atmosphere is wonderfully festive, as whole local families gather on the rooftop, special foods like laddoos , undhyu or surati jamun are prepared for eating over the course of the day, and friends and neighbors visit each other for group kite-flying fun. The local markets are flooded with numerous kite buyers and kite sellers.
The entry to the International Kite Festival of Gujarat is free for all the visitors. However, access to the Kite Flying area is limited to participants only.
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