Iman Chakraborty Releases ‘Eki Labonye’

Eki Labonye imon
Eki Labonye imon

Renowned Indian Bengali singer Iman Chakraborty has released her new music video ‘Eki Labonye’ in collaboration with Asha Audio. Dipto Paul Reports.

Along with her voice, Iman is also featured in the music video with her satisfying gestures.

‘Eki Labonye’ is originally a song from Rabindranath Tagore which  Imon has released exclusively for Durga Puja.

This is for the first time; Iman is appearing in a music video not only as a singer but also acting as the main character.

Watch The Song Below

By posting the song on her Facebook page, Iman wrote, “Eki Labonye crosses 50K views! Thank you for loving it so much. If you still haven’t enjoyed it please watch it.”

The song reflects the inner happiness of a human being.

Iman also reflected that happiness very well while performing in front of the camera.

“We planned to execute the recording and the video of this song early this year. But due to the lockdown, we had to postpone the production. Since lockdown has been relaxed we restarted the production works,” said Apeksha Lahiri, Director of Asha Audio Company.

“Despite it being a very common Tagore song, we tried to arrange it differently and everyone worked hard for this. We are hopeful that the audience will love the song,” Apeksha added.

The song is available at Asha Audio’s official YouTube channel and also available at all Indian music streaming platforms.