‘Horst festival’ 2020 Returns This Summer!

Horst festival 2020 returns this summer!
Horst festival 2020 returns this summer!

‘Horst Festival’ was first launched in 2019 with its lab series covering art, music, and architecture. Renowned artists and experts were invited to conduct workshops with young creatives. The festival is back this summer with its new lab series. The organizers have adopted a plan to work within the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic and hold a series of small events. Anika khan reports.

When> 17 July 2020- 20 August 2020

75 applicants have been selected to engage in reflective sessions from three recurring themes: art, music, and architecture:
1) Architecture Lab: Constructivism
2) Art Lab: “art as an instigator for social cohesion, ecologic transformation, and decolonization”
3) Music Lab: “Dance music in the 2020s: navigating a crisis and building a better future” and “Let’s talk about cultural appropriation and whitewashing of music.

Here is the list of performer and Speaker panel that has been announced by the organizers so far:
• De Forrest Brown Jr
• DTM Funk
• Nadine Artois
• Matt Schulz
• DTM Funk
• Fatoosan
• Somaya Pheline
• Lieven Martens
• Zeta Lys

People who wish to attend will need to pay a fee to participate in these workshops. The organizers will be announcing new names of guests in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on their website for more updates and workshop schedules: