Highlights from TUC conference 2020

Highlights from TUC conference 2020
Highlights from TUC conference 2020

On the second day of the TUC Congress conference held yesterday, the TUC members united to call for actions to prevent mass unemployment in the UK due to the ongoing Pandemic.

They have placed their demands on the government to create jobs with fair pay and proper contracts. This is the only solution for Britain to come out of the ongoing recession and avoid mass unemployment. Mentioned are some main highlights of the conference.

  1. The general secretary of Unison, Dave Prentis spoke about the courage and dedication that the front line workers have shown in the past few months. They have fought relentlessly to run the world and it is now more than ever that we came to realize that essential workers need to get more praise and recognition for their contributions and sacrifices.
  2. He talked about how there is no way to go back to normal. And by normal he shed light on everything we have been doing wrong so far. He meant that pay freezes need to stop and the government needs to provide a safe working space for public-service holders. We have normalized underpayments; we have been underappreciated and undervalued all of which need to change. He has proposed new plans to reestablish and rebuilt all public services to run for the public good rather than private greed.
  3. The general secretary of CWU, Dave Ward has asked the workers from all different sectors to put together their common bargaining agendas and create a new deal with the government.
  4. The Union members have asked to be inclusive when the job market opens to make space for the black, the elderly, and disadvantaged workers. Not only this, the prospectus plan of building a green recovery to secure quality jobs for younger people have also been proposed.
  5. Frances O’ Grady addressed the alarming surge in unemployment and called the ministers to support the furlough scheme and urges the UK government with a wakeup call through this conference.