Helpless animals need our help!

Helpless animals need our help
Helpless animals need our help

Dogs abandoned in the UK run into thousands. 

Including other animals such as cats and horses, there were over 4,000 in December last year. With pets purchased during the pandemic, that number is getting higher, the problem worse.

Pleas for our help from local animal rescue centres have not just increased but have exploded since March 2020. The problem has been two-fold. 

Firstly, there were people dumping pets, as due to the pandemic they were struggling to care for them. Then, following the end of the furlough scheme, as people headed back to work, they could no longer cope with their pets bought to relieve their boredom.

The increase in animals being abandoned isn’t the only problem; again, due to the pandemic, animal rescue centres weren’t able to open, and so could not raise donations.

This has forced some to close and left many with even more financial challenges than before.

How you can help:

We really need your help in two ways. Firstly, please help other people understand the challenges of owning a pet. Awareness of the plight of animals is key.

Secondly, help us continue saving animals. Please donate whatever you can afford.

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