Having Covid Gave Tennis Star Vaccine Exemption!


Tennis star Novak Djokovic stopped to enter Australia earlier in the month to play the Australian Open.

He is currently staying in an immigration detention center ahead of a court case on Monday.

Djokovic’s lawyers said in the court that he stopped despite having a vaccine exemption after a covid infection on December 16.

On Wednesday, Australian Border Force (ABF) officials said. “The player had failed to provide appropriate evidence at Melbourne Airport because a prior infection was not a valid reason to enter without a vaccination.”

A court document from Djokovic’s lawyer states that a temporary visa was authorized for Djokovic to enter Australia.

The player had been granted medical exemption from Covid vaccination by Tennis Australia and the Victorian state government.

Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley said in a video, “We’ve chosen at this point not to be very public with it and simply because there is a pending lawsuit related to entry into Australia. Once that has run its course, we’ll be able to share more with you.”

Djokovic’s case is currently the talk of the town over the world.