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Have a Professional Lesson on D-Minor with WhatsOn

With continuous development, music helps in spiritual fulfillment. The influence of music is infinite. It incorporates all the strands of existence in a way that embraces it. We can never give up on music since we are so in love with it. While learning songs from WhatsOn Academy, work on your fundamental guitar chords.

WhatsOn Music Academy is going to arrange a professional learning class on D-Minor Scale at 10:00 AM UK and 4:00 PM BD time on 10th March, Friday, 23.

Let’s learn D-Minor Scale!

There are seven notes in the D Minor scale. Beginning of a note to the following octave, they get to know as intervals or semi-notes. The notes in both scales are identical, but their tonal centers are different.

Acclaimed music instructor Anupom Chakraborty will impart this lesson in this professional session. This time, it involves Learning D-Minor Scale. The Music Academy took the responsibility of offering thorough instruction to individuals desiring to study music. It may uplift your emotions, offer you energy, and inspire you to use your creativity when you’re sad. The potential of music to improve mental and physical wellness is well documented. This week you will learn Keala Settle’s song, “This Is Me”.

Pick up your guitar, tinker with the strings, and begin to play. You’ll be able to write new tunes as a result. Join the WhatsOn family for an hour of music, entertainment, and friendship. You cannot miss it, period! Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube to start receiving wonderful updates with lots of music.

Class Curriculum: 🎸 🎹

  • Minor Scale
  • Song Learning: Ma Go Vabna Keno
  • Open Mike

🎼 Stay Tuned 🎼 
To join us, click the link below!
Make sure you download the Zoom app before you join

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