Gucci Launches New Genderless Shopping Section

Gucci Launches New Shopping Section
Gucci Launches New Shopping Section

Gucci has launched a new genderless shopping section calls “Gucci MX”. Puza Snigdha reports.

Gucci first announced this new initiative a couple of months ago, and on July 22 finally updated the new shopping category on its website, which the brand has called “Gucci MX.”

Gucci has broken the tradition of “men’s” or “women’s” section as they have blended the two together. This new section shows the progressiveness of the brand.

“Gucci Mx is a space that welcomes all people…without having to comply with a rigid female/male distinction,” the brand announcement says. Wearing the new collections the non-binary model shot in London for the Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter 2020 campaign.

The collection features ready-to-wear items, accessories, shoes, and handbags.The collection also includes men’s Baguette by Fendi and Saddle Bag for men which has been designed by Dior.

In the first collection of Gucci Mx will include the Jackie 1961which is one of Gucci’s most iconic styles.

“The House’s collections emphasize the dissolving lines of the gender divide in the name of self-expression,” the Gucci website reads.

“Playing with the constructive nature of gender, the MX project underlines the performative nature of what we wear, presenting masculinity and feminity as relative concepts.”